How to change the font color in your email form

One of the design tools available in your email form builder is the font style. You are able to change font size, weight (if it is normal or bold), italic, underlined…and you can also change the font color.
In order to change font color in the form builder you can use:
1- The form settings – font color field.
Through this field you can determine the font color of all the elements in the form at once.
The field enables you to enter any color by specifying its number (such as #ffffff) or its name (such as red).
2- The ‘font color’ icon in the upper toolbar – style section
This option allows you to change each element’s font color separately. In this option you can only pick from a list of colors given to you.
All you need to do is select the element and press on the icon. a small window will appear and you will be able to pick a color from the list.
3- The element settings – font color field.
This option, like the first in the form settings, allows you to enter any color you want. The only difference is that the font color in this option is only applied to a certain element and not to the entire form.


Thank you message

Whenever someone fills in your published email form a small window appears indicating that the data has been sent.
The email form owner (you) can add his own short message to this window (to say thank you, for instance).

Steps to add a thank you message:

1) Go to the “Thank You Message” textbox in the “form settings” box on the right.

2) Enter your short message and press on the “apply” button.

3) Once the published form is submitted, a window will appear containing your message.

Email form name

Every new email form you create has a default name, which is ‘new form’. In order to tell your email forms apart you should (yet not obligated) name them differently. The name of the email form will appear in the ‘form list’ after logging in and in the emails you/others receive upon data entry.

In order to change the default email form name you need to:
1- enter the email form
2- go to its ‘form settings’ on the right
3- change the default text in the ‘form name’ field
4- press on ‘apply’
5- save the form