Email form builder design Tools

The email form builder is a simple and flexible tool for creating email forms. Its flexibility is demonstrated in its design abilities. while other form builders may often be rigid, the email form builder allows you to place your elements anywhere in the form area. It enables you to add images and change fonts/colors/backgrounds etc.

Colors, borders and fonts
background color
you can change the background color from the ‘Element Style’ section in the upper toolbar which allows you to choose from a list of colors. You can also change the background color in the ‘form settings’ on the right (in which you can insert any color number -for example: #ffffff).

Font color
you can change the font color the ‘Element Style’ section in the upper toolbar. This may be done by choosing from the font color list or by changing the font color field in the element settings on the right (element settings appears on the right, under the form settings, when you select an element).

Font style
You can control the font style from the ‘Element Style’ section in the upper toolbar by setting the font family, size as well as determining if the font is bold, underlined or italic.

You can change/add borders to elements by using the border style in the ‘Element Style’ section in the upper toolbar.
Choosing border style (solid, ridge etc), width (in pixels), and color (from a color list).

Element alignments and Spacing
Alignment using a gridthe grid is a network of horizontal and vertical lines that covers your design area. Using this option may be done by turning on the “show grid” and “snap to grid” checkboxes located in the ‘ Alignment & Spacing ‘ section in the upper toolbar. Once you turn the grid and snap on all selected Elements will be pulled into alignment with the nearest intersection of grid lines.
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Alignment options (left, center, right, top, middle and bottom)
You can align a few elements together by using the alignment options situated in the ‘Alignment & Spacing ‘ section in the upper toolbar. By choosing a few elements (by selecting them with the mouse while the “ctrl” key is pressed) you can choose to align all the elements to the left, for example. All elements will align according to the element which resides furthest to the left.
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Same spaces between elements (horizontal and vertical)
You can select a few elements that have a different vertical spacing between them, for instance, and by using the “make save vertical space” option you can change the spacing between them to an equal one. The ‘make same horizontal/vertical spacing’ options are located in the ‘Alignment & Spacing ‘ section in the upper toolbar.

Adding images
you can add images to your form and even place elements on top of them so they act as backgrounds. This can be done by simply dragging the “image” element on to the design area. A default formlogix image will appear and you will be able to replace it with your own from the element settings (using the “path” field). Please notice that you will need to change the image width and height in the ‘element settings’ on the right according to your image’s proportions.