How to Purchase an EmailFormLogix form

The EmailFormLogix form builder has a free trial version for the period of 30 days. After this trial period a user will need to purchase a subscription in order to use his email form/s.

Purchasing an email form is really easy and is divided in to 2 steps:
A- making an email form or bulk email form order in the EmailFormLogix ‘Payment Center’.
B- Making the actual payment in PayPal. EmailFormLogix does not handle its purchase transactions, it does not collect credit card numbers and such, but rather has a third party company – PayPal – do it for her.

EmailFormLogix offers the following subscription:

Pay Per Form suited for purchasing one or several email forms (while leaving the rest of them in the free version).

* Please notice that the ‘per form’ subscription enables you to purchase a basic subscription (for the chosen forms) and add the SSL special feature in addition . If you wish to include the SSL you will need to turn on its checkbox during the order process, before pressing on the “Buy Now” button.

Steps to make a purchase:1- Enter the ‘Payment Center’.
2- Choose your subscription:
per form – choose the period of subscription for the email form/s (6/12 months) and turn on the SSL, checkboxe if necessary.
3- press on the ‘buy now’ button in the subscription section.
4- Once you press this button an order confirmation email will be sent to you from EmailFormLogix – This is only an acknowledgment that your order was received (remember – payment was not even made yet).
4-you will then be redirected to PayPal where you will be required to login and pay.

In addition to this subscription there is also an option to purchase a bulk of SMS’s in order to receive SMS alerts as well as emails. Read more about SMS Alerts.

The current/previous orders made are all stored in the payment history.

How to Create an Email form

After you registered to EmailFormLogix and had an account set up for you, you can now start creating your email form
Following are a steps to easily create an email form:

1-       Login to EmailFormLogix
2-      Press on the “Create new email form” button (which will open the form builder)
3-      Give your email form a name in the ‘form settings’ on the right
4-      Define the email form dimensions (width and height – you can also change this later)
5-      Start dragging elements on to the design area (which is by default white)
Learn more about how to choose your elements
6-      Move the elements and place them as you wish. You can use the alignment tools and grid to help you with that.
Learn more about alignments
7-      Give each element a name in the ‘caption’ field situated in the ‘element settings’
8-      Give each element a tab index number
9-      Change the style of the form and elements if you wish (background color, fonts, sizes etc)
10-   Add a submit button
11-    Save the form
12-   Publish the form and embed it in your website

What is EmailFormLogix?

EmailFormLogix is  an online email form builder. Using this tool an unproffessional user can easily create an email form and embed it in his website.
The email form builder is a WYSIWYG tool, which allows dragging & dropping of elements to create the email form. It also enables a flexible design and ease of use.
Using the email form builder you can create endless array of email forms such as a contact form, feedback form, order form, poll, survey, registration form etc. All web forms created with the EmailFormLogix are automatically email forms, which means that once the online form is filled in and submitted the data it contained is sent to you via email automatically.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on the email form.