Online Volunteer Forms

Non profit organizations need to recruit volunteers all the time. This can be done in many ways however embedding a recruitment form in your website is an efficient solution. The form is always there at night and on holidays), it delivers the information instantly and accurately, and the data can be easily synced with your CRM.
This is why it is so important for the online volunteer form to be on your website. The website tells the story of your cause and the online form acts as a communication channel between the NPO and your potential volunteers.

The online form enables you to automate these procedures of scouting, which can sometimes take much of your time. This way, using an online form helps to shorten the process and make it more efficient.

Non profit are given many discounts and special prices so they can still use the best tools out there. Salesforce is a great example of how NPO’s are given the chance to use top-notch platforms, just like commercial business. Salesforce NPSP grant NPOs 10 free licenses as well as a large discount on more users.

FormTitan form builder is another online tool that is well suited for non profits. Its pricing is lower than all its competitors and its capabilities exceed their competitors’ as well.