Non profits and Online forms

NPO’s (Non profit organizations) use the money they raise to keep going. They need to keep expenses low and efficiency high. but how do you do that?
Well, since non profits are not the only ones who want to contribute to society, you can find many companies giving considerable discounts and free use to these non profits organizations – and that’s their way of giving back to society..

Salesforce, is one of these platforms. giving non profits 10 free licenses as well as discounts. Not only does Salesforce provide a low cost solution but it also answers the unique needs of non profit organizations by offering 5 additional modules:
1- Contacts & Organizations
2- Households
3- Affiliations
4- Relationships
5- Recurring Donations

Form builders also give large discounts, in attempt to help non profits. Since there are many form builders, you may want to compare them before choosing. Not all form builders have an integration with salesforce, which is important if you want to keep your data synced. next thing you should check is the connectivity. Make sure you can Read and populate fields from your salesforce objects, and not just update the objects in Salesforce.

Read more about online forms for non profits


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