Integrating your online forms with Salesforce

What is a “Salesforce form builder“?
This refers to a form builder that can create online forms and have them integrated with salesforce

Is this important? Well…Salesforce is a leading online platform that works wonders with online forms. It stores data in objects and uses the online forms to collect the data online. Once data is entered in the form, it is automatically sent to the relevant Salesforce object and your Salesforce account is updated.
By this integration you can also “Read” data from salesforce objects, and have it populated in your form fields.

Salesforce objects

Salesforce works with objects and offers many of them:
Accounts: companies or individuals that are involved in a business relationship. These can be partners, customers or competitors.
Contacts: individuals within the accounts.
Opportunity: an event or activity for revenue generation.
Case: a problem which a customer may have raised.
Solution: the description of issues and their resolution.
Forecast: the estimated quarterly revenue of the organization.
Document: documents that are stored in folders for use in the organization.
Folders: holds the documents and determines the access to all the documents within it.

Read all about Salesforce integration with online forms


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