online web forms and form builders

Online Form builder is the best tool for everyone to create and manage  quick online forms like business lead forms, survey forms, feedback forms, inventory forms and many more..

you can save time and stay connected with their data wherever it tends to go. You can connect your forms to other apps. and APIs.

Lets talk about few online web form builders and their features…

Zoho Forms

zoho-formsOne of the newest form apps comes from Zoho, the team behind so many popular apps for CRM, email, accounting, document editing, and much more.Their latest app, Zoho Forms, is a full-featured form builder that works with your existing Zoho account—and is deeply integrated with Zoho’s other apps.

You can use form rules to create tasks and send emails from Zoho when forms are filled out, or used its integrations to add form data to Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator and more.As a form builder, Zoho Forms includes all the features you’d expect—drag-and-drop form fields, customizable themes, and field rules to route data and display conditional fields.

Then, it’s built for teams, so you can work on form responses together. You can even approve form responses or view stats right from the Zoho Forms mobile app. With its Zoho Apps integration, it’s a great form option if your team already uses other tools from Zoho.



form-titanEasily build stunning landing pages with high conversion rates. Select a template, craft your message and you are done.
FormTitan online form builder has an innovation conversion rate optimization (CRO) module which allows you to make your form perform better. It enables swift creation by dragging elements on to your canvas, Choosing one of our beautiful themes  and Publishing your online form.


Ninja Forms

ninja-form For WordPress forms that are more customizable, Ninja Forms is a great option to consider. It’s a free form plugin with paid extensions that let you add integrations with popular apps, add customized notifications, and more. There are even extensions that let you tweak your form layout, to make multi-page forms or forms with multi-column layouts.

You can then customize forms deeply with CSS themes.You can use your forms to do more with Ninja Forms, too, with its front-end posting tool. Instead of just letting you create posts from forms, it lets you integrate your forms deeply into your site to customize pages and posts without opening WordPress admin. It’s a great choice if you want to deeply integrate forms into your WordPress site.



form-logixFormLogix is an online form builder tool for creating Web databases and web forms. Our forms may be embedded in your website, blog, or may be used internally. Forget all you know about databases and forms creation – our form builder is a WYSIWYG tool and it requires zero coding skills.

It enables a user to easily create web forms and web databases such as: Contact us forms, Feedback forms, Events registration forms, Surveys, online Polls, Order forms, Invitations, and CRM.


Cognito Forms

cognito-formsA free online form builder that helps you create HTML forms for your website. Create contact forms, registration forms, order forms, surveys, and more.


Device Magic

devicemagicMost form apps are designed around the web, but not Device Magic. It’s instead focused on the devices you have with you most—your smartphone and tablets—and lets you make forms specifically designed for them. It includes custom mobile apps for iOS and Android that’ll let your users fill out forms from the apps.

You’ll design forms online, just as with any other app, but your forms can include features that make most sense on a mobile device including geolocation, uploading an existing image or taking a picture from the form, and even letting users sign their name on your form.

Then, once the form’s filled out, Device Magic can turn the data into document templates to give you an easy way to make invoices, work orders, and more. It’s a great way to make forms that’ll help your team get work done on the go.



formassemblyIf cost is your biggest issue, then FormAssembly may have everything you need. Rather than a simple drag-and-drop interface,

FormAssembly relies on a fully customizable free-form layout system — which ensures that users can control not only how the form looks, but also how the content is presented to a consumer.

It’s also very international-friendly, automatically reading a customer’s server location and translating to one of more than 30 languages without any extra work involved.Where FormAssembly really sets itself apart is pricing. It not only provides unlimited forms for free users, but FormAssembly also offers a pay-as-you-go plan for results.

This offers the ultimate convenience for startups that are unsure how much traffic will be coming from feedback or forms — just pay as much as you think you’ll need (as low as 5 cents per response) and pony up if more results are needed.

There’s even a guarantee against spam and junk responses, which means there will never be a wasted response. Traditional pricing plans are available too, starting at $14 per month, but you can’t go wrong with FormAssembly if you’re looking for a small response set or running a limited survey.


123contactformThere are forms for everything imaginable, but most forms end up being a contact form of some fashion.

That’swhy 123ContactForm is designed to be great for contact forms—albeit contact forms that can also let you sell products, get feedback, and more.

Each form in this tool is first and foremost a contact form, so you won’t have to add those elements manually to every form. From that base you can then add any other form elements you’d like. But then, it’s also got the templates you need to create great lead forms, surveys, orders, and even quizzes—everything you’d need from forms beyond just contact forms.


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