Changing the basic form style

The basic form is not very flexible compared with the advanced form builder. you cannot place the elements where you like. However, you are able to change the styling of your web form quite easily  (background colors, its fonts and its border ).
Once you create a basic form its default look is rather gray and neutral. In order to change it you will need to:
1- Go to the “pool” or “flow” modes and press on the ‘style’ button in the “form settings” section on the right to change the layout style.
2- A style window will then open, displaying the form’s style properties divided in to 4 main sections: Header, Footer, Form Body and Border. Each section represents another part of the form and it contains properties like font family, font color etc.
3- After you change the properties press on the ‘ok’ button and save the form. The published form will change it’s appearance accordingly.
*It is recommended to make the style changes while keeping the published form open, and checking it with every style change made.

Read more about how to change the basic form style



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