how to make a form for your website


so you need to add a form to your website? (Well, who doesn’t…)

no worries…all you need to do is register and start using a form builder in
order to make a form. It’s really easy to use a form builder because you
do not have to know anything about writing code. All the code is created for
you by the form builder; you just need to:
use the editor and place the fields where you want.

You need to change all the labels’ text and the input elements’ captions (their names).

Change the styles of the fonts (sizes’ colors etc) to suit your web page.

Make the fields aligned if you wish (they usually are though you can place them anywhere you
like because there are no rigid layouts in the FormLogix form builder).

Once the form is complete and saved you can publish it and copy its generated code
to your website.
Now the form is in your page and accessible to all on line you will receive a
data entry alert email if someone fills it in.
In addition you can manage the data in the data management tool.


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