How to Design Web Forms

Since each website and blog looks different, and even each web page in a certain website looks different than it is logical that each form embedded in a web page should look different as well.
When you think of how to design web forms you should take into consideration what your web page looks like and try to create a web form that will suit the page so in the end it will look like an integral part of it.
Most form builders generate forms who look the same. The layout is rigid and set in advance and you can maybe change the fonts and colors of form headers. This is not sufficient if you want your web form to blend well. The FormLogix form builder offers a great flexible tool to design web forms. Its form builder allows you to drag and drop elements anywhere in the form, add images, change font styles and background colors. You can even create a transparent background to show your webpage background under the form.
If you need to design web forms FormLogix is the best tool for it. You can control the size of the form, and its layout and this is very import if you want to design it freely.

Following are design tools for elements alignment :


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