New additions to the basic form builder

A new FormLogix version features additions to the basic form builder. Ever since we launched our new form builder,  we have been working on additional features:

1-     2 new types of questions have been added to the “add question” window. The first is the ‘date picker’ which is a calendar element, and the second is a vertical radio button.
2-     A tooltip field was added to the “add question” window, allowing the form owner to  provide more information on the specific question.
3-     A new feature was added to the “form settings”, called ‘Display as single group’. This feature allows the user to have all the questions appear in one group when the form is published instead of the default display which shows the questions separately in a continues way.
4-     A new operation was added to the “pool management” section in the ‘pool’ toolbar: Clone. This allows the form owner to select a question row and clone it, thus adding a question quickly.

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