How to create a basic form

The basic form was designed to allow you to create an online web form quickly and simply. The basic form consists of 2 parts: the pool and the flow. However, using the flow is not a must which makes the ‘pool’ the most important part in the basic form.
In the pool you create your list of questions. The questions are the elements and labels that will later on appear in the published form.
Once your pool of questions is done you can publish your form and start using it to collect data.
If you wish to create a conditional form all you need to do is to create a flow. The flow is a the sequence of questions and dependencies you define.
for instance:
question: what is your gender?
possible answers: male or female.
you may add another question under the ‘male’ answer option (what is your name?) and an ‘end form’ (stop) option after the ‘female option. The result will be that if a form filler says he is male he will be asked another question (his name) and if she is female the form will reach its end – finish.


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