What is the Basic Form Builder

In the past our form builder was an advanced WYSIWYG tool which produced custom online forms flexibly and simply using a drag & drop motion.
Nowadays our forms builder has wider capabilities: it consists of a basic form builder and an advanced form builder.
The advanced form builder is the original tool, which enables a user (using the dragging and dropping of elements) to create a non restricted, stylish designed form with many customization options (such as email customization, adding images etc).
The Basic form builder is new tool designed to provide users with a quick and simple solution to create an online form. All you need to do is create a Pool of questions. The question text entered will become the field label in the form and the question type you choose will be displayed as the input type element (a textbox, textarea etc).
This for is not as flexible as the advanced builder however it enables to create conditional forms (making the form’s flow change dynamically according to the answers users fill in.).
Find out more about the Basic form builder

While our original form builder is an advanced WYSIWYG tool which provides flexible design using a simple drag & drop motion, the basic form editor lets you create simple forms without having to deal with the design aspects that much. In the new Basic editor all you do is construct a Pool of questions and define the Flow (sequence of questions) and the form is ready to use. You can create a basic flow by simply defining the order of questions in the pool, or you can create a compound flow which consists of several possible routes (based on the form filler’s input) – this is what we call a conditional form (if the answer to question 1 is A than go to question 2, if it is B than go to question 3…).
It is a great tool for creating your web forms easily and quickly. It is also the ideal tool for creating surveys and polls.
Find out more about the Basic Form Editor


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