Using the grid to design your email form

One of the best design tools in the email form builder is the grid.
The grid is a network of horizontal and vertical lines that covers your design area.
The ‘Show Grid’ and ‘Snap to Grid’ checkboxes in the top menu allow for more precision in positioning Elements on your form.
The ‘Show Grid’ option makes the grid appear, whereas the “Snap to Grid” pulls the Element selected into alignment with the nearest intersection of grid lines.
These 2 options are best used together, but can be activated separately as well.

Steps to use the grid:

1) Check the ‘Show Grid’ and ‘Snap to Grid’ options in the “Element Toolbar”.

2) Determine the space between the vertical and horizontal lines in the “Form Settings” box on the right.

3) Drag an element and let go (drop) it somewhere in the design area.
Notice that while holding the element a Blue corner will appear, indicating the closest intersection of grids, where the element will be snapped to if you let it go.

4) The element will then align to the nearest intersection of grid lines.


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