Adding tab index to your email form

Tab index is a feature that defines the order in which elements will receive cursor focus when navigated by the user (when using the “tab” key in the keyboard).
Once the Tab index is defined it determines the order of fields shown in the data entry emails (sent to form owners, to form fillers and to email addresses in the mailing list).

Steps for changing tab index in the email form builder:

1) Select the element you want to define as first in the tabbing order.

2) Go to the “Tab Index” textbox in the “Element Settings”.

3) Enter the number “1” in this textbox and press on the “apply” button.

4) Select the element you would like to be second in the tabbing order and Fill its tab index with the number “2” and press on the “apply” button.

5) Fill the ‘tab index’ of the remaining elements in your email form accordingly.


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