Why is my email form expired?

EmailFormLogix is offers a 30-day free trial version (for private
trial and private light weight users) as well as a paid Pro version (for private as well as public professional use). Since it only designed for private use, if you publish the email form and embed it in your website, while you are in the free trial version, no one will be able to access it (apart from you while you are logged in).
Once signing in to the service the new account owner may enjoy our Free Version, in
which the email forms may only be used privately (only the account owner is allowed to enter data in the forms). Each form may contain up to 20 submissions and almost all features are available.
This means that if you try to publish your form while you are in the free trail version you will see an “expired” message instead of the email form. an expired message will also appear after 20 submissions have been collected through the form.
Once the 30-day Free Trial Version is over all email form in the account will no longer be active.


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