How to Purchase an EmailFormLogix form

The EmailFormLogix form builder has a free trial version for the period of 30 days. After this trial period a user will need to purchase a subscription in order to use his email form/s.

Purchasing an email form is really easy and is divided in to 2 steps:
A- making an email form or bulk email form order in the EmailFormLogix ‘Payment Center’.
B- Making the actual payment in PayPal. EmailFormLogix does not handle its purchase transactions, it does not collect credit card numbers and such, but rather has a third party company – PayPal – do it for her.

EmailFormLogix offers the following subscription:

Pay Per Form suited for purchasing one or several email forms (while leaving the rest of them in the free version).

* Please notice that the ‘per form’ subscription enables you to purchase a basic subscription (for the chosen forms) and add the SSL special feature in addition . If you wish to include the SSL you will need to turn on its checkbox during the order process, before pressing on the “Buy Now” button.

Steps to make a purchase:1- Enter the ‘Payment Center’.
2- Choose your subscription:
per form – choose the period of subscription for the email form/s (6/12 months) and turn on the SSL, checkboxe if necessary.
3- press on the ‘buy now’ button in the subscription section.
4- Once you press this button an order confirmation email will be sent to you from EmailFormLogix – This is only an acknowledgment that your order was received (remember – payment was not even made yet).
4-you will then be redirected to PayPal where you will be required to login and pay.

In addition to this subscription there is also an option to purchase a bulk of SMS’s in order to receive SMS alerts as well as emails. Read more about SMS Alerts.

The current/previous orders made are all stored in the payment history.


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